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Deserve Life Sciences's Trird Party Manufacturing

Third party manufacturing means Goods's production by one company, under the label or brand of another company. Contract manufacturers are also referred to as Third Party manufacturers. Contract manufacturers provide such service to several companies based on their own or the customers' designs, formulas, and/or specifications. Advantages of using Third Party Manufacturers can include reduced lead times, reduced capital tied up in equipment that is not used regularly, expanding product range, and potential cost savings if the third party manufacturer has an advantage in labor rates, utilities, or taxes and regulatory costs over the buyer.

The process of Third Party Manufacturing :

Step 1: Confirmation order of the product's name with composition:
Those companies want to take the facilities of Thirty Party Manufacturing , they provide the order ‘s quantity (depends Product Types ) and the product’s formulation (compostion) with product name. After taking the order , company checks that composition in its drugs approval list and forward that composition to the Step 2.

Step 2: Document Required:
After furnishing Step 1 for contract manufacturing, company requires copies of GST Certificate,Drug Licenses , Non-resemblance Certificate for initiating quotation chart.

Step 3: Making Quotation for valued order:
After completing Step 2 for Third Party Manufacturing or contract manufacturing, company send quotation of that formulation which is based on updated market price of raw material , packing material , GST charges and manufacturing process cost and first time inventory charges depends on Product types.

Step 4: Payment Terms:
After accepting Quotation of valued order, Party who wants to take pharmaceuticals Third Party Manufacturing / contract manufacturing facility, has to deposit the payment 50% of company’s quotation for processing that composition / formulation manufacturing. After receiving the payment, company send product details with composition to its printer vendors for composing design of that product. After finalizing the design of the product by the party, packing Material like Foil, Carton, Labels will be starting for printing and rest of payment 50% will be deposited on raising Performa Invoice.

Step 5: Manufacturing Process:
After receiving packing material, company takes batch of that product for manufacturing process (Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Tubes and injections) as per GMP / WHO-GMP norm.

Step 6: Delivery Process:
After receiving product from manufacturing department, performa invoice will be raised and sent to party for depositing rest payment of performa invoice. After receiving the payment, Goods will be despatched on to pay basis through transport to the party .

Deserve Life Sciences's Pharma PCD

DLS provides Pharma PCD on State Wise / District Wise, on Monopoly basis for all range of its products. Deserve Life Sciences is one of PCD PHARMA COMPANIES in India. DLS has latest pharmaceuticals products range with the best Standard Promotional Material. DLS grants an authorization and rights to an individual or group or distributor who works as a franchise on monopoly rights and takes high marginable profit in allocated areas. Pharma Propaganda Cum Distribution or Pharma PCD terms refers to a mutual agreement for doing a commercial works like Sales, Marketing, Advertisement of DLS products on monopoly rights on the allocated districts or states.